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    • 關於幾個英文問題~高手請進!

      [ room is the best room in/of my house. 為何答案是in 而非of] 介係詞 in 表示「位置...是指游泳比賽。 [6. They took the matter into their own hands.請問...

    • 可以跟我解說嗎which, in which, where

      ...前) =This is the house where John lives.(省略in which...表地方...故用where) 以下同理 This is the city I was This is the room We can watch TV...

    • 請幫我想一篇英文作文 急~20點喔!!

      ...have big mirrors, nice tubs and clean toilets. Living room plays an very important role in the house, it is the place where I can relax, watch TV, and spend quality time...