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  1. in the interest of

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    • 1. 為某事物的緣故 In the interest of safety, no smoking is allowed. 為了安全, 嚴禁吸菸。
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    • in the interest of 的意思

      in the interest of... 為了……(的利益)= for the benefit of...=benefit n. 益處 & vt...amp;l=d&fid=36------------------------------------------------------------此片語 (in the interest of one) -- one 指某人,也可寫成 in one's interest   為了...(的利益...

    • 需要英文高手幫我解答這些題目

      ...almost the same. Most of them are more interested in own interest rather for the interest of the people. Therefore there is no reason for me to like or dislike...

    • have interest in/on?

      ...interests to cooperate. The ounil doesn't believe the scheme is in the best interests of pupils. He claims he has only my best...