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  1. in the land of the living

    • ph.
      【謔】在世; 活著
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    • For countless generations...??

      For countless generations, he ventedhis anger on the lands of the living, butchering the inhabitants of theworld form the kingdoms of Araby in the west to the fledgling Empire in thenorth. However, he retained...

    • 幫我翻這一段英文 達人救命

      ...洗禮, 發現古怪的葡萄酒商店,以及很多速食。 They grew up in the Land of the Eternal Summer, living as citizens of the Little Red Dot. 他們在...

    • 這是一首英文歌曲 誰可以幫我翻成中文 謝謝..

      ...born 我出生的那個小鎮上 Lived a man who sailed to sea... he told us of his life 他告訴我們他的故事 In the land of submarines 在停著很多...