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  1. in the least

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    • 1. 絲毫 I'm not in the least afraid. 我一點也不害怕。
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    • 英文片語翻譯 the slightest degree or in any respect; 最少的 一點點 可是the least bit/ in the least 常加上not 表示強烈的否定 (bit 和in 可互換 可用可不用) not the least (bit...

    • A maximum content....的英文翻譯

      ... materials of up to 70 % for products originating in the least developed countries should result in increased exports...

    • How to improve my English?

      Well, at least you are in the right track, asking... and use it in your study. ...own read-out and listen the recording. .... Finally but least, you have to learn to "...