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    • 1. 就……而論 She is strict in the matter of discipline. 她對紀律的要求是嚴格的。
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    • on the matterin the matter

      ...view of the matter 或是 I'd like to know your thoughts in the matter of ooxx 還有更重要的是你句子的動詞是什麼 依造動詞變換介系詞 例如opinion後面...

    • the age of chin

      ... favor over Chunyu Yue on the matter of commandary-county system, proposed book burning. In 213 BC, on Li Si's ...

    • none nothing的區別 高考題

      ...不針對前句裡的ice cream,而是泛指一切。 2)---Sorry. As a matter of fact, there is _____ left in the fridge. 同上。none/nothing均可。一指冰淇淋沒了,一指冰箱空了。 3) ---...