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  1. in the midst of

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      in the middle of
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    • of which如何翻譯?

      ...situation located within two small hills in the midst of which flowed a great river. 本句可還原成三...ambiguity): "a great river of which" 或是"in the midst of which"呢? 所以進一步倒裝調整位置以作確定...

    • 中翻英~~~有關介紹相機產品!!!急~20點

      Camera market in the midst of such a vast number of so many the meeting and will be further discussion in the hope that the future of our company, as well as new products...

    • 幫我翻譯書信翻英文

      In the midst of so many people,Glad we were able to... not really up,Only saved in your heart, Really thank you, love youLove does not require proof of time