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  1. in the offing

    • ph.
      【口】即將來臨; 將發生; 不遠
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    • 1. 【口】即將來臨; 將發生; 不遠 The smell of cooking told them there was a meal in the offing. 他們聞到做菜的味兒, 知道眼看要吃飯了。
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    • ph.


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    • 急!英文片語和諺語和俗語的翻譯

      ...from my experience依我的經驗來說 write in pencil用鉛筆寫 be in the offing在近海 our racket 在我們的騙局 between housekeeping...

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      ... of the Northeast too in the border border is not frozen...winter transport frozen is it in with location opposite Canada as far apart as heaven and earth to cut offing either either Influence ...

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      1. (C) who = an eidtor 2. (C) cheaper, 看後面的意思選擇這個答案 3. (A) as, worked as a(an) 以什麼身分工作 4. (C) by, 以...方式來使他們書更仍易擁有, 這裡就是by offing economical paperbacks through the mail.