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    in the old days

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    • 二十點.....translate, pls..Thanks

      (1) Finally, in the old days, food was difficult to preserve for any..., cooking was difficult in an old-fashioned kitchen, at the turn of a switch. Finally, food ...

    • 急~~請幫我翻譯,英文翻中文,謝謝。

      Once in the old days of the American West, a small man suddenly...的吸一口氣.酒保知道自己的死期即將到來了. Then the man spoke in a deep, loud voice that made the whole room shake. 接著...

    • 英文問題~~幫用英文回答~~~

      ... it was done due to aesthetic considerations in the old days, people simply don't think that way anymore. 3. Yes, I am. ...