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  1. in the ordinary way

    • ph.
      如果情況如常; 就通常情況而言
    • 釋義


    • 1. 如果情況如常; 就通常情況而言 In the ordinary way he would have come with us, but he's not feeling well. 在一般情況下他都和我們一起來, 只是他現在身體不太好。
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    • in the way和on the way的用法差異?

      ... in my way. 你擋到我了 或是說某種方法 Ex. I live in an ordinary way. 我生活地很平常. on the way 是指在路上 Ex.I am on the way home. 我在回家的路...

    • 請 幫 我 修 改 此 篇 英 文 作 文

      ...for his kindness. Tom was very happy to finish his mission. ordinary adj. 平凡的 in the middle of 在…之中 on the way home 在回家的路上 be fulled of=be filled with 充滿 leave...

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      ...observation、the interview and the collection correlation file way、studies the participant with 53 to carry on the interaction、altogether...discovery is as follows: First、in the ordinary class's and grade's intelligent barrier children...