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  1. in the person of

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      代表; 以...身分;名叫
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    • 1. 代表; 以...身分 He's now speaking in the person of Daily News. 他現在是在代表《每日新聞》講話。
    • 2. 名叫 He had a faithful friend in the person of Tom Brown. 他有一位名叫湯姆‧布朗的忠實朋友。


    代表; 以...身分

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    • 麻煩幫我翻譯這英文 3Q

      ... ago, people in England voted for the greatest person of all time from ... three of these people ranked high on the list, none was... Brit. In the end, the winner...

    • 我看不懂ㄟ英文

      這句英文文法有問題應該是從歌曲擷取出來的吧 我猜應該是 Whom I care of is the person in front of me but he slowly don't find me 我介意的人,是那個在我面前卻始終沒發現我的人

    • 請問什麼是 in a tenth of a second?

      ...around the waist and will inflate in a tenth of a second if it detects that the person wearing it is...standard airbag, it would inflate in less than a tenth of a second by the equivalent of a solid rocket...