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    • 請教文法問題~這是分詞構句嗎?

      ...accurate. result in = cause Her death resulted in a change in policy. The outbreak resulted in dozens of death. By the way, thanks to "eleven" for...

    • 解解單字!!!!!!!!!!!

      ...resulted largely from his laziness. 他的失敗主要是懶惰所致。 2. 結果;導致[(+in)] The accident resulted in ten deaths. 這次事故造成十人死亡。 n. 1. 結果;成果;效果[C...

    • 請問英文~

      result in 是導致,造成 . 例如: The heavy rain resulted in the flood. result from 是因為,由於. 例如: His success results from his hard work.