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  1. in the way of

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    • 1. 妨礙 Great difficulties stand in the way of its achievement. 極大的困難妨礙他的成功。





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    • --急--in the way of ((12點))

      Knight did not receive much in the way of compensation for her effort. [奈特並未因為多少...報償來說,卻沒得到多少。 [有無簡單的例子,可以用in the way of 造個句子呢...] 跟本句相同的用法,例句: ...

    • ”被世界認可的” 英文要怎麼說?

      This patented product caused a revolution in the way of industry achievement and recognition in the world. in the way of: 以....的方式 in the...

    • [英文高手Ronald請進] 請幫我用片語造句!(關於of)

      Hello: 1. get in the way (of) 妨礙 He’s determined to succeed...紀念 A church service was held in remembrance of the fallen heroes who fought bravely...