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    in the works

    • ph.
    • 相關詞
    • ph. 破壞一計劃, 方案等

    • ph. 【英】【口】破壞一計劃(或方案等)

    • ph. 不足為奇,平常

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    • ph. 我對於園藝工作已經厭倦了

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  2. 知識+

    • put in the work for 100該怎翻??

      ... typically apply for four or five awards, but don't " put in the work for 100," he says. put in the work 是「花時間努力去做」 awards...

    • work+ in, at, for的疑問?

      work in: the kind of of place (指行業但沒有公司名字) She works in a shop shop. He works in the theater. He worked in a soda-water factory. work in: (後面可接地點或...

    • 組織行為~中翻英~<急

      ... of groupthink are manifested in the work team? 如果有的話, 團隊思考在工作團隊當中所代表的... level of trust he will have with them in the future has been eroded. ...