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  1. in theory

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    • 1. 理論上 This is only possible in theory but not in practice. 這只是在理論上可能, 而不是在實際上(可能)。
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    • Heuer 豪雅錶 最新廣告台詞

      In theory, you run with your legs. In theory, you play the guitar with ... theory, graffiti is vandalism....... and madness is a weakness. In theory, walls are climbed over. In theory, boats don...

    • 請問這三個片語的用法

      in theory = theoretically = 理論上 in practice = practically = 實際上、實務上 所以in theory、theoretically與in pracite剛好是反義詞。 舉例說明: I'll explain how it...

    • What is ” Utility Theory”?

      ...它發生或不發生; 並且對看法幾何所有這些事一起有的比例。 Utility theory is used in decision analysis to determine the EU (estimated utility) of...