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    • 請問 And so it would go 在這邊是什麼意思

      so = in this manner it = our communication/conversation And so it would go. = Our conversation would proceed in this manner. 隨後,我們的對話就會像剛剛這樣。 (怎樣?老爹繼續對我的作文一樣一樣挑毛病。)

    • 英文 幫翻譯 謝啦 大哥大姐

      This application can not be used in this manner 這應用程式在此無法啟動 sorry you have no vedeo capture hardware 沒有影像擷取的硬碟

    • 請幫我翻譯2段英文!(勿用翻譯網站!)急~! side of the hill to the other. 沙漠的微風將沙粒從丘陵的一邊吹到另一邊。 In this manner, the wind can progressively move entire dunes across the land. 就這樣,風可以逐漸...