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  1. in time


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    • 1. 及時 They were just in time for the bus. 他們及時趕上了公車。
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    • in time 不久?

      In time, the two managers established a mutual level of trust that made... the store easier. in time:及時,來得及. 在這裏翻成不久是合宜的. in time 在不同的情況會有稍微程序上的小差異,不果時間都不是很長的,例如: We...

    • Friends in time 英翻中

      ...我就認出了我的摯友 And we are two friends lost in time 我們曾經錯過 When your eyes are...

    • IN time 鐘點戰

      ...要去看海,看風景,去美國看nba之類的事 If I don't have much time left in my life, I would like to travel around the world. For example, ...