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  1. in time to

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    • 1. 【音】合節拍 tapping one's fingers in time to the music 用手指合著音樂的拍子輕輕敲





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    • 請文法高手幫我改文法 謝謝

      If I could travel back in time to meet a famous person, I would like to meet ...當對待是不可數的,可數是指治療) I like to live in places that have IDENTICAL weather all...

    • 關於「back in time」的用法‥

      ...瞭解 He’s back in time for the wedding. = He’s back in time to attend the wedding Back in time of war, all the villagers...

    • 關於in time的意思...?

      ... 就是指在 他的年代或他的時期 有關 in time的解釋如下: Idiom: in time (for something/to do something) not late; with enough time to be able to do something 來得及;及時 在...