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    • 英文高手 ,一段英翻中 (請勿電腦翻譯)

      ... Burke made a decision that will probably be studied in business schools for a long time to come.1.詹姆斯柏克(James Burke)做了一個未來極有可能在商業職業學校...

    • 英文題目改錯問題

      1.He (quickly) stepped on the brakes, and his car (came to) a stop just (in time) ( to avoid) an accident. 2.(After) (a great deal) of confusion, the antiwar ...

    • 請問sub-second times是什麼意思?

      in sub-second times 在不到一秒鐘的時間內 指反應速度很快,不超過一秒鐘。 也可以說 in sub-second response times 液晶螢幕必須在不到一秒鐘的時間內顯示出。