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  1. in town

    • ph.
      在城中; 在鎮上
    • 釋義


    • 1. 在城中; 在鎮上 Every morning he got up early and drove his truck full of fruit to the market in town. 每天早上他很早起床, 然後開著載滿水果的卡車去鎮上的市場。
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    • 在市中心是in town?

      In town. Basically, there is not need for the word "the", town .../center". 'Coz there should be only one town centre/center in a town. For the word "center" or "centre", you have to use...

    • there's a new sheriff in town

      "there's a new sheriff in town" 西部拓荒時候, 治安不好, 新警長報到, 民眾希望有新人事, 新做作風...

    • 幫我看一下這句要怎麼翻譯才會順呢? Once in town

      ...並不如預期的理想,儘管如此,他們仍然將盡量享受那裡的一切。 Once in town, 進城之後,指 住進Jennings的家之後。 they find Mrs....