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    in trace quantities

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    • Volatile

      在酒中的揮發性酚類,4-乙基酚和4-乙基鄰苯二酚單甲基以太,是由一種污染性的酵母菌Brettanomyces/Dekkera 把從葡萄發酵產生的酚酸再作用所產生出來的。 在酒中這些酚類所帶著的香味通常會用有馬味、有藥味或有芳香味來形容。 揮發性酚類在酒中的濃度不等,從...

    • 請問專業英文翻譯!!(關於品管 檢查 )

      ...pressure、flow、cooling time in every stage and pre-heating time... whether the specification, quantity and material object meet requirements... Material Tracing List 7.Internal diameter...

    • the gift的英文版

      ... holding some wrinkled bank notes in the hand small. The girl wears the almost equally...with the dirty and messy curly hair carrying, still keep the trace of dinner on the face small. 2006-06-16 22:34:07 補充: 不好意思...