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  1. in turn

    • ph.
      按順序; 依次; 逐個地
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    • 1. 按順序; 依次; 逐個地 The applicants were summoned in turn to see the examiner. 申請人依次被召入會見考官。 Mechanical energy is changed to elective energy which is in turn changed to mechanical energy. 機械能轉變為電能, 電能又轉變為機械能。


    按順序; 依次; 逐個地


    「按順序; 依次; 逐個地」的反義字

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    • in turns of的用法

      In turns of?? 應該是 In terms of吧. Turn有回合, 轉向等名詞與...條件等用法, 請直接參考奇摩字典. "In terms of" 與 "In relation to"都有"關於"的用法. 用句的例子如下: In ...

    • in turning在這裡的意思?

      As of late, the staff has been rather lax in turning in reports. as of = beginning on = on and after = from 從....起...

    • in turn 和 by turns 有何不同?

      in turn 是照順序一個一個來. 例如: The students get on the school bus in turn. (學生依序上車, 不會上了又下來, 再上) by turns 是輪流 A做完...