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  1. in view

    • ph.
      visible to someone
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    • 煩請幫我中翻英(數位監控設備)

      In view of individual family use basic aircraft type, to the multitudinous monitoring foothold...industry to need the far-end monitoring demand, lets the user do effectively in the gold time should to, displays truely guards against outside...

    • 英文View

      ...: [] n. (名詞 noun) 1. 視力;視野[U] Victory is in view. 勝利在望。 2. 觀看;眺望[S][(+of)] There's a fine view of the lake...

    • 中翻英 關於理工的 一小段 很急 感謝 20點

      In view of improving the old process with problematical impulse DC magnetron ... distances and angles are operated in coordination with Taguchi L9 (34) Orthogonal Array...