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  1. in-store

    • KK[ɪnˋstɔr]
    • DJ[inˋstɔ:]


    • adj.
  2. 知識+

    • 翻譯問題:in-store marketing

      「店內行銷」 和 「 店外行銷」聽起來蠻正確的。 in-store marketing 有可能是指店內服務人員的推銷動作,如介紹產品之類的。 out...

    • 求救 英文文法問題

      ... that green phone being sold in stores right now?解答: 1.這裏的 Sth is... you seen that green phone sold in stores right now? 解答:如果把第二句的which is...

    • 形容詞比較級的用法

      First, I need to correct this "All the shoes in the store...". It should be "All shoes in the store..." 以...