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    incentive wages

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    • [經濟]三十字重點整理  20點

      ... fact, the housing slump was already causing job growth and wage growth to weaken before stocks dropped last month. 經濟學者還不能確定...

    • 英文文法 祈使句

      這句的 increase 是名詞,當做 received 的受詞。 ten percent 是數量單位, received 10% increase 就是 「獲得百分之十的加薪」 這句不是祈使句。 祈使句是直接要求對方做事,例如中文的: 「坐下。」 「吃吧。」 「別吵。」 祈使句都是直接對著人講的,聽話的對象一定...

    • 請幫忙翻譯~~

      ...welfare systems the scaled height of burst wages has the attraction to the talented person, but the .... Is advantageous in displays the incentive mechanism well, enhances staff's enthusiasm, the...