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    • 誰能幫忙翻譯這篇英文呢 謝謝您

      1.with the mandibular central incisor being approximately one-half the mesiodistal width of the maxillary central incisor.下顎...the mandibular lateral incisor is slightly larger than the mandibualar central incisor, a situation which is just the reverse of that for the maxillary incisors...

    • 牙菌斑的英文單字是啥?

      ...輸入英文(牙菌斑:plaque),它會發音給你聽... 另,補充幾個英文: 門牙incisors 側門牙lateral incisor 大臼齒molars 小臼齒...

    • 可否幫我這段話翻譯成英文

      i am a 8 years old boy at second grade with short, brown hair and bright skin. i am a taiwanese with roly-poly face and big incisor, who am i?