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  1. incitements

    • incitement的名詞複數
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    • 麻煩自認是(英文)超人或高手的..

      ...譯文: Of course I can't tell you! You have to feel the dramatic incitement in the cinema by yourself! C: A, how about let's go and see "...

    • 一個中翻英的題目(急) ˊˋ

      ...student's learning demand, intensively interactive in one, be full of to get in incitement and more natural scenario satisfy, pursue studies to get to build up a social intercourse...

    • 英文好的人幫我看看

      反應時間的計算是從刺激物出現開始到選擇完圖片後結束 Respond a horary calculation to end after appearing started a choice finishing a picture from the incitement thing