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    • The English Problem

      1. B Although his inclination to be a farmer, John Adam’s schooling...say that getting regular exercise is beneficial to your health. 醫生說經常運動有益於您的健康 4...

    • 不知道有沒有人可以幫我翻譯這兩句?謝謝!

      ...活動, 成就, 和能力團結。 2. Each represents an action,or the inclination to act,that is intentional and goal directed. 每個代表行動, 或傾向...

    • expatriate career planning翻譯 急

      ...發展計畫 員工會有更高的意願擔任駐外人員 Employees show higher inclination to work abroad if an organization offers and plans the career path for ...