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    • IncludeIncluding 有何不同呢?

      ...在內的;被包括的」,用在名詞和代名詞之後。例如:All of us, me included, are teachers. (包括我在內,我們都是老師)。 Including...

    • 英文中的"包含"主動被動用法

      ... are teachers, including me. (包括我在內,我們都是老師/我們都.... All of us, me included, were invited. (包括我在...

    • 幫幫我翻譯英文 中翻英唷 謝謝你門

      My family include my father, mother, seven brothers and myself, being the youngest... second brother is working as a manager in a company. My seventh brother is a fire fighter, and the remaining ...