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  1. incompatibles

    • incompatible的名詞複數
  2. 知識+

    • 英翻中(品牌管理的角度)我給20點

      ...customer management in most large companies, and that focus is increasingly incompatible with growth. 在大多數大公司中,品牌管理仍然凌駕於顧客管理,且對於顧客的...

    • 合作的相反俗諺? 五十步笑百步 Exclude each other like fire and water 或 As incompatible as ic and hot coals 水火不相容 In a state of disunity 一盤散沙...

    • 請問consistency與compatibility差別?

      ...very much compatible with each other 他們倆很相襯(匹配) They are so incompatible 他們倆很不搭