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  1. indirect question


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    • 文法----Indirect questions

      1 "When does the spaceship arrive?" asked Grandma. ---> Grandma asked when the space ship arrived. 註: 直接問句改為未來式或過去式較為合理, 因為太空船到達是一個事件, 不是過去就是未來, 問的時候一般不會是剛好到達: "...

    • i have a question.

      ... ? can we say I wanna tell you where is she ? It's indirect question. When you use direct question, you ask the person. so.. Where is...

    • 間接問句到底是什麼

      間接問句= indirect question 為什麼要用間接問句,因為當你想要向人問事情的時候用間接... a nose job. 這個也是用full stop做結尾的句子 句尾用question mark or full stop結尾端看你的開頭怎麼問 當然如果你怕麻煩想用...