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  1. indulge

    • IPA[inˈdəlj]


    • v.
      allow oneself to enjoy the pleasure of;become involved in (an activity, typically one that is undesirable or disapproved of)
    • verb: indulge, 3rd person present: indulges, gerund or present participle: indulging, past tense: indulged, past participle: indulged

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    • IPA[ɪnˈdʌldʒ]


    • v.
      allow oneself to enjoy the pleasure of: we indulged in a cream tea

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • ”Will you indulge me?”的意思

      ...第二句,則是正式會議中對主席說:「請包涵,我要提出兩個問題!」 indulge在個人情境中,講的是放縱,任我欲為。但放在與人的對話裡,則有請你包涵...

    • indulge oneself是什麼意思?

      indugle oneself 就是沉迷, 耽溺在某些事物 indugle ourselves 就是把我們(自己)沉迷於 XXX To indugle oneself: eyed the desserts but didn't indugle 意思是, 沉迷, 耽溺: 眼睛享受甜點即可但沒有沉迷(沒有耽溺於吃甜點, 只用眼睛過過癮)

    • 閱讀測驗: Indulge, splurge, ......

      ...2009-12-30 15:47:20 補充: 3.最後一段Do the long-term benefits of indulgence outweigh the short-term risks of regret? 這裡是一個反思: 如果不揮霍實際...