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  1. inebriate

    • v.
      make (someone) drunk; intoxicate
    • n.
      a drunkard
    • adj.
      drunk; intoxicated
    • verb: inebriate, 3rd person present: inebriates, gerund or present participle: inebriating, past tense: inebriated, past participle: inebriated

    • noun: inebriate, plural noun: inebriates

    • 釋義


    • 1. make (someone) drunk; intoxicate it is a rum-based drink designed more to inebriate the masses than to please the palate those who feel inclined are free to inebriate themselves


    • 1. a drunkard he was marked down as an inebriate


    • 1. drunk; intoxicated he had been known to get hopelessly inebriate inebriate times by the Bay