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    • 不能說明的,不能解釋的,費解的
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    • 急急~~幫忙翻譯~~

      ... to relax.. 我繞了繞公園,那有利於我去放鬆身心 I always fill of inexplicable depression.. 我總是充滿莫名的消極 i need to happy more... 我需要再快樂點 last night...

    • 莫名奇妙 英文怎麼拼?

      ...unable to make head or tail of something; to be baffled without rhyme or reason inexplicable; odd double Dutch 【口】莫名其妙的話;難以理解的話 inexplicability 無法說明...

    • 無法言喻的感覺(中翻英) is a feeling beyond words. 2012-10-18 15:20:48 補充: inexplicable比較傾向於「無緣無故的; 難以理解的, 莫名其妙的」