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  1. infestations

    • infestation的名詞複數
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    • 什麼是 read one jot.

      ...039;t read one jot:我一個字都看不懂 xie xie: 「謝謝 」的英文拼音 ninja:忍者 infestation:本指某種生物的大量出沒,引申為某種潮流、風潮的意思

    • 這是專題的英文 請幫我詳細翻譯 謝謝

      ...這方面仍無任何文獻可考。 The effect of olive time storage olive fruit fly infestation olive ripening stage on oil quality of Portuguese varietal olive ...

    • 懂英文的請進來幫幫我

      ... out: NT$6000 (from trash and mess left at the house and cockroach infestation) Screen door repair: NT$650 (damaged by dog) Leaky...