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  1. influenced

    • influence的動詞過去式、過去分詞
    • 相關詞
    • n.
      影響,作用[C][U][(+on/upon)] The influence of climate on crops are self-evident. 氣候對農作物的影響是不證自明的。
    • vt.
      影響,感化;左右[O2] I don't want to influence you. You must decide for yourself. 我不想影響你。你必須自行決定。
    • influence的名詞複數
    • influence的動詞現在分詞、動名詞
    • n.
      影響力 to be under the influence of sb./sth. 受到某人/某事物的影響 to have a good/bad influence (on sb.) (對某人)有好/壞影響
    • vt.
      影響 to influence sb. in his choice/decision/opinion 影響某人的選擇/決定/意見 what on earth influenced you to behave in that way? 究竟是甚麼使你作出那樣的舉動?
    • 影響,感化


    • 影響的


    • n.
    • ph.
      酒醉 The policeman stopped him in his car because he was driving under the influence. 警察攔住了他的車, 因為他酒後開車。
    • ph.
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    • 有關influence的相關字 effect; action of natural forces 影響力;作用: the influence of the moon (on the tides), of the climate (on agricultural... friends of hers are a bad influence on her. 她那些所谓的朋友对她的影響很壞...

    • influence 和 effect

       influence 和 effect 有什麼不同? influence: 影響 (有影響力,作用力的影響)Heat has powerful influence on vegetation.熱力對於植物有很大的影響。effect: 影響 (效果,結果的影響)...

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