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    • 非正式的,不拘禮的,通俗的
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    • 經濟問題(急)informal economy

      1. The informal economy exhibit a general economy structure, except it wasn't control or regulate by the... uncertain and inaccurate. As far as who is involved in Informal economy is just like "all other" economy. (each role of production, logistic...

    • 什麼是”informal group”呢?

      DEAR 大大您好 這個”informal group” 在商業上通常是非正式的資訊提供團體 常用的稱呼是「焦點資訊團體...

    • 行政學之名詞解釋

      找到幾個: 1.非正式組織 informal organization: The informal organization is the interlocking social... done and relationships are built. The informal organization evolves organically and spontaneously - much like a market - in response...