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  1. information security

    • KK[͵ɪnfɚˋmeʃən sɪˋkjʊrətɪ]
    • DJ[͵infəˋmeiʃən siˋkju:riti]
    • ph.
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    • 英文邀請函~~~急阿

      ... Steven to attend the opening ceremony of the Taiwan Information Security Center at National Chiao Tung University...

    • 哪一個翻譯較好?

      ... now work for ABC Corporation IT department, in charge of information security and its related work. 2. 有兩個be動詞在同一句上,一看就知是...

    • 英文翻譯~找貼切的答案

      ...評估推展的阻力。 Concept of risk management used for management on information security has become one of hte most important methods in achieving information...