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  1. infrared transmission


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    • 不曉得如何翻成英文?

      紅外線傳 輸 infrared transmission 對講機 interphone,walkie talkie 立體聲喇叭 high fidelity speakers

    • (20點!)拜託~誰能夠幫我翻譯這篇中文摘要變成英文

      ...stir to put an application.This research uses the single chip microprocessor, infrared rays transmission module and liquid crystal display, through the control of the peripheral interface software program...

    • Electromagnetic waves原文翻譯改順@@

      ...of electromagnetic radiation. Other forms include infrared, visible light, ultraviolet, x-radiation, and gamma rays...physical medium. When the waves propagate in a transmission line consisting of a pair of conductors...