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    • ingrain??ingrain??ingrain??

      ...為什麼in the few decades後面要加逗號? "in the few decades" is a time adverb and...quot; , ". 2014-02-24 14:24:12 補充: "become ingrained into" 有點像我們中文說 "被深深烙印到"...

    • 深植我心的英文

      ...deep(ly)-rooted in my heart deep-seated in my heart deeply ingrained in my heart deep down in my heart through and through in my mind...

    • 急件~~~需要英文達人幫忙翻英文履歷自傳..

      ...of appreciation and giving back to the society. The value is deeply ingrained in my heart since young. It has also become the important foundation of...