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  1. inhale

    • IPA[inˈhāl]


    • v.
      breathe in (air, gas, smoke, etc.);eat (food) greedily or rapidly
    • verb: inhale, 3rd person present: inhales, gerund or present participle: inhaling, past tense: inhaled, past participle: inhaled

    • 釋義


    • 1. breathe in (air, gas, smoke, etc.) they were taken to the hospital after inhaling fumes she inhaled deeply on another cigarette
    • eat (food) greedily or rapidly later on I inhaled a box of chocolate cookies while watching cable TV
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      ...and tigers can roar ,but they can't purr on the inhale and the exhale the way a little cat can. 獅子和老虎能夠...就懂,一定要看前文 "but they can't purr on the inhale and the exhale" "the way"指的就是"purr...

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