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  1. inner space

    • n.
      the region between the earth and outer space, or below the surface of the sea.;the part of the mind not normally accessible to consciousness.
    • noun: inner space, plural noun: inner spaces

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    • 外太空英文的說法

      outer space (外太空)指地球以外人類靠維生器才能到的地方,如太空。 inner space (內太空)指地球上人類靠維生器才能到的地方,如深海。 universe, cosmo 等字泛指全宇宙且包括地球,所以可以說outer space + inner space = universe = cosmo

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      ...這裡用eat 十分不妥 3.which is without smoke~這句話用法完全不對 the inner space太累贅 In many restaurants 就輕鬆表達了啊~ 5.prohibit (V...

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      ...-----verb. to like better or best Inside----noun. the inner part, space or side of something Part(s)----noun. a separate piece of something, or a piece...