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    • against table 如何翻譯

      Input data can be easily checked for completeness and input information validated against...也可用表格中預期數值來確認。 句中後段有些字在前段,應是這樣看: . . . input information ( can be easily checked) validated against . . . tables...

    • 英文怎麼翻譯 有關network

      ...可以看成一個黑盒子(black box), 我們不知道裡面的構造或結構, 只知道某些輸入值(input data set), 會產生特定輸出值(output). 根據手上有的input-output資料, 來訓練(train)這...

    • 請翻譯達人幫我校對一下內容 謝謝

      The soft ware is a simulator which can display the user input data and value by graphical way. The main window is graphical display which the user...