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  1. inquire into


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    • 1. 調查 We must inquire into the matter. 我們必須調查此事。
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    • 英文字的差別~~?

      ...意指美德善行勝過高貴門第。 片語: inquire after 問候,問安,慰問 片語: inquire into 調查 相關範例: inquire into 究問 相關範例: inquire about 問到 相關範例...

    • 請問這個句子要如何翻英文的句子?

      This research for inquire into a digital learning the usage attitude of the environment... easily。For exterior variable.This research inquires into with three factors, such as system quality, content quality...

    • 論文報告的文章英文翻譯

      ... on a substantial evidence research by individual case analysis, inquire into that part 1 is the stock price reaction for explaining that the ...