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  1. inquiry

    • IPA[ɪnˈkwʌɪri]


    • n.
      an act of asking for information;an official investigation
    • noun: inquiry, plural noun: inquiries

    • 釋義
    • 相關詞


    • n.
      in the armed forces, a tribunal appointed to investigate a complaint against a member of the ...

    Oxford American Dictionary

    • n.
      (in the UK) a report made by a probation officer or social worker on a person's character ...

    Oxford Dictionary

    • n.
      a tribunal appointed to investigate a matter and decide whether a court martial is warranted.

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • IPA[ˈinkwərē]


    • n.
      an act of asking for information: a reporter from New York makes inquiries we get a lot of inquiries from folks wanting to know where to find the big trees

    Oxford American Dictionary

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    • inquiry as stance 是什麼意思

      ...的意思 We believe that both mentoring and inquiry as stance provide interpretative frames for understanding how ...

    • query和inquiry的差異

      在美式英文query和 inquiry同義 1.query和inquiry可以互換 2.query和inquiry都可以有複數 都是可表示對問題的疑惑的意思 inquiry是美式拼法 enquiry是英式拼法 而英式英文 inquiry意思「調查」而 enquiry意思是「問」

    • inquiry的意思!?

      ...報告(report),而是一篇對於有關<批判思考>與<批判分析>論證的探究(inquiry). 當中要理解<探究>(inquiry)的意義是對某一種現象的質問,蒐集資料,求証...