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  1. insects

    • insect的名詞複數
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    • The insect world 相關問題

      The Insect world must be learned from the following notes as response to...insect. (3)various insects (4)Audrey read it nothing as sad as various insect disease. (5)Happy for us if get away from the disease. (6)Monica...

    • 請問bug ,insect, worm要怎麼分辨?

      ...統稱) 也是台灣人的臭蟲 也是電腦IC設計師最頭痛的BUG(臭蟲) INSECT的身體有3個部分(頭,THORAX,和肚子)。 而且只能有6隻腳。 什麼...

    • (10點)英翻中 請幫忙翻此段句子 及 此句中的GM

      Effects of biotechnology on biodiversity : herbicide-tolerant and insect-resistant GM crops 生物科技使用對物種多樣化的影響:抗除草農藥...