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    • 不安全的,不牢靠的,不堅固的,不穩定的
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    • 英文影片"翻譯"-關於不安全的加密存儲解釋

      Insecure Cryptographic Storage isn’t a single vulnerability, but a collection of vulnerabilities that... practices are. On the other hand, issues like implementing your own insecure cryptography or using known insecure algorithms can be fixed by using a whole variety...

    • (愛在曖昧不明時最美)英文翻譯?

      ...23:40:29 補充: Love exercises its charm to the maximum when insecure. Kevin的這一句結構很好, 但用了insecure這個字恐有邏輯問題 insecure是...

    • (急)英文作業~中翻英!拜託高手請進!

      ... everyone is peacefull and happy. there's no worries of insecure, and everyone is very nice here. 我把小偷改成不安全了...就參考看看吧...