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    • 無關重要的,無意義的,瑣碎的
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    • snap back to reality~~~感激!!

      ...quot; (因為 "turn something upside down" 就是混亂...搞得一團糟的意思 ) 4) insignificant --> "輕於鴻毛" (死有重於泰山, 有輕於鴻毛) 或是 "九牛一毛"...

    • 英文文法問題

      ... correct. Take the first sentence: Despite relatively insignificant sense of sight. We can see verb = despite adverb = relatively object (noun) = insignificant...

    • 英文翻譯一句 有關售後服務

      Another factor that contributes to the insignificant effect of serviceability on net profit is the fact that serviceability has become...