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  1. insist on


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    • 關於英文insist on my的問題。?

      ... a kind of phrasal verb to be used to demand that something should happen. ~ insist on something (noun phrase) ~ insist on somebody (X) cannot be used, as...

    • 文法問題 She insists on you givi

      ...insisted that you did it by yourself. 不及物動詞一般用法 : insist on/upon --> He insisted on seeing her. 2. insist on/upon...

    • 這幾句英文翻譯?

      I insist on his going abroad. 【我堅持他出國。】 【我一定要他出國。】 ※insist on堅決地宣告;督促,強烈地要求 I insist on seeing it. 我一定要見到它 We think that the writer is she...