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  1. insisted

    • insist的動詞過去式、過去分詞
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    • 關於英文insist on my的問題。?

      "insist" as appearing in the sentence is an intransitive verb. "insist"... a kind of phrasal verb to be used to demand that something should happen. ~ insist on something (noun phrase) ~ insist on somebody (X) cannot be used...

    • 文法問題 She insists on you givi

      Hello 小毛 , 1. Insist可作及物或不及物動詞. 及物動詞一般用法 : insist... a satisfactory explanation. 或者可寫為 : She insists that you give (her, or us) a satisfactory explanation...

    • [文法] insist + that + S + V

      insist 接名詞子句有兩種情況: a. 表 堅持…該… 其句型為:S1 insist that S2 (should) + V. ---- 習慣省略should 留下原形動詞 故這題應該是...