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  1. inspection chamber

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    • 請大家幫忙翻譯成英文 謝謝!

      ...iron core wiring system broken. It is proposed Chamber Assemble as a subject to be included in the following inspection.

    • 請各國外資深業務和翻譯高手幫忙!

      ...檢驗證明 4-Inspection certificate by an independent inspection company 獨立經營的檢驗公司所發之檢驗證明 5-B... of these items has to be certify by chamber of commerce of China and Iranian embassy 上述...

    • 請提供我車子零件的英文單字

      ...自行車    moped機罩    bonnet; hood燃燒室    combustion chamber頭檔    first gear; first speed gear內胎...combustion engine手煞車    hand-brake手燈;檢查燈    hand lamp; inspection lamp方向標    direction indicator火星塞    sparking...